ImmunoFree, Inc. has Acquired Talaris Therapeutics, Inc.’s Tolerance Business

ImmunoFree, Inc. announced today that it has acquired all rights to FCR001, a cellular therapy product, and the sponsorship of the FREEDOM-1 Study formerly owned by Talaris Therapeutics (TALS). ImmunoFree has assumed all financial and regulatory responsibilities related to these clinical trials.

Effective immediately, ImmunoFree will oversee all remaining close-out activities and the shutdown of the remaining active FREEDOM-1 phase 3 clinical sites. ImmunoFree plans to commence a new clinical trial following modifications to the protocol including improved and precise allele level HLA matching, which will be achieved by leveraging the National Kidney Registry’s matching capabilities. These protocol changes are designed to reduce the risk of graft versus host disease and improve patient outcomes.

ImmunoFree’s Scientific Advisory Board members and company co-founders are leading physicians in the bone marrow and solid organ transplant space. These members include Dr. Robert Montgomery, Dr. Joseph Leventhal, Dr. Ephraim Fuchs, Dr. Raja Kandaswamy, Dr. Yi-Bin Chen, Dr. Matthew Frigault, and Dr. Matt Cooper.

“We are excited to carry forward this important tolerance work that will save/improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of transplant recipients worldwide and we are thrilled to be supported by the world-renowned physicians that make up our Scientific Advisory Board” said Co-founder & CEO, Garet Hil.

About ImmunoFree Inc.

ImmunoFree Inc. is a newly formed biotech company whose mission is to eliminate the need for lifelong immunosuppressive medications for transplant recipients, thus enabling them to live longer, healthier lives.

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