Acquisition of the Talaris Transplant Tolerance Business

The Talaris Therapeutics Transplant Tolerance Business has been acquired by ImmunoFree Inc., a newly formed biotech company backed by the National Kidney Registry. ImmunoFree’s mission is to eliminate the need for lifelong immunosuppressive medications for transplant recipients, enabling them to live longer, healthier lives. (Read the press release.)

ImmunoFree will commence a new clinical trial in the next 6–12 months following FDA- approved modifications to the previous Talaris phase 3 clinical trial. The new protocol will include an improved conditioning regimen and focus on delayed tolerance and better donor-recipient genetic matching, which will be achieved by leveraging the NKR’s Kidney for Life Expert System. These protocol changes are designed to reduce the risk of graft versus host disease and maximize the number of transplant recipients that can be weaned off immunosuppressive medications.

The clinical trial data indicates that the genetic match between the donor and recipient is critical, so the initial trial enrollment criteria will likely limit enrollment to patients who have received a low eplet mismatch transplant in the past 5 years and have a bone marrow transplant (BMT) HLA mismatch of 0–4 (allele level matching on A, B, C and DR). We will implement the BMT HLA mismatch information in the KFL Expert System within the next 30 days so that centers can give their patients the best opportunity to participate in the ImmunoFree delayed tolerance program in the future.

ImmunoFree’s Scientific Advisory Board members and company co-founders are leading physicians in the bone marrow and solid organ transplant space and include Dr. Robert Montgomery, Dr. Joseph Leventhal, Dr. Ephraim Fuchs, Dr. Raja Kandaswamy, Dr. Yi-Bin Chen, Dr. Matthew Frigault and Dr. Matt Cooper.

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